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Time Picker

Stock chart are graphical representations of historical stock prices which help to determine current supply and demand forces in a stock market exchange. In stock and commodity markets trading, studying chart patterns plays a large role during technical analysis. Analysis of stock chart allows a trader to determine with more accuracy just what the current supply and demand is in a stock. JenScript does support common indicators and overlays such as ohlc, candle stick, moving average, sma, ema, wma, macd, bollinger bands, time picker, etc.

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For this case study, we lookup historical stock prices at nasdaq market. For example 'slv' which is The iShares Silver Trust (the 'Trust') seeks to reflect generally the performance of the price of silver. Go in historical menu section and after re order this history we have slv historical prices split by years.

Stock item is defined by properties :

Non blocking UI process supposes we are using web work that loads asynchronously each historical data parts. we can use this stock worker that provides the data download processing and the stock loader that manages the loaded data.